About Biosimilars

Biosimilars are biologic medicines (medicines manufactured by, or extracted from a biological source)
that can improve patient access to high-quality treatment options.

What are Biosimilars

Reference Medicine
Biosimilar Medicine
Biosimilars are biologic medicines that have been tested and determined to be highly similar to
a reference medicine. They have no clinically meaningful differences related to safety, purity and potency, but may have minor differences in clinically inactive components. Biosimilars are approved to
the same standard of quality, safety and efficacy as all biologic medicines.

The Promise of Biosimilars

  • Increased
  • Wider
  • Increased
    Market Competition
  • Lower


  • for Patients Biosimilars can increase patient access to high-quality medicines and widen patient options. Greater access to medications can also mean more timely treatment for patients.
  • for Physicians Biosimilars can allow physicians to offer a wider array of high-quality, effective treatment options for their patients.
  • for Payers Biosimilars can increase competition, allowing a reduction in overall cost without compromising the quality of patient care.

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