Who We Are

Samsung Bioepis reimagines and redefines the way medicines are made.

We make high quality biologic medicines more accessible, more quickly

Samsung Bioepis is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to unlocking the potential of biosimilar medicines and transforming the way
biologic therapies are brought to patients. Our mission is reflected in our name, bio-epis; literally meaning life (“bio”) and science (“episteme”) in Greek.
We want to enhance the lives of patients through our pioneering and innovative use of science and technology.

Our approach

We are a young company, challenging traditional approaches and harnessing new technologies to find smarter, faster ways of getting high-quality medicines to the people who need them.

Our partners

We work hand in hand with other carefully chosen partners to commercialize our products around the world and ensure supply and access for the people who need them. Our partners include Biogen, MSD.

Our achievements

In the eight years since our company was founded, we have developed one of the most expansive and rapidly growing biosimilars portfolios in the industry. We have already opened up access to life-changing and life-saving medicines in immunology and oncology, including being the first to secure European approval of three key biosimilars for autoimmune conditions. We were also the first company to gain European approval for a key biosimilar in certain types of breast cancer and metastatic gastric cancer.

Our future

As long as patients face barriers to accessing the medicines they need, we will continue to strive for constant innovation. We are expanding into new areas of unmet need in ophthalmology, hematology, and gastroenterology. We are also harnessing our smart development process for biosimilars to develop the next generation of novel biologics. Our work has only just begun.

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Since our launch in 2012, we have developed the industry’s most rapidly advancing biosimilar medicines portfolio and have become a leader in biosimilars.

  • Samsung Bioepis is established
  • Samsung Bioepis opens
    R&D Center
  • Partnership with Merck&Co.
    (also known as MSD)
  • Partnership with Biogen
  • 2 biosimilars (infliximab and
    etanercept) approved by MFDS
  • 2 biosimilars (infliximab and
    etanercept) approved by EC
  • 1 biosimilar (infliximab)
    approved by FDA (US)
  • 2 biosimilars (adalimumab and
    trastuzumab) approved by EC
  • Partnership with Takeda
  • 2 biosimilars (adalimumab and
    trastuzumab) approved by MFDS
  • 1 biosimilar (etanercept) approved
    by ANVISA (Brazil)
  • 1 biosimilar (infliximab)
    approved by ANVISA (Brazil)
  • Partnership with 3SBio
  • Partnership with C-bridge
  • 3 biosimilars (trastuzumab, etanercept and adalimumab) approved by FDA (US)
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CEO - Christopher Hansung Ko "We are relentless in our mission to speed up and enhance the development of high-quality biosimilars because people shouldn't wait for the life-changing medicines they need."

Unlocking the health care of the future

At Samsung Bioepis we apply new thinking to health care. We use innovative science and technology to find smarter, faster ways of getting high-quality medicines to the people who need them most. Our track record speaks for itself: our company was formed just seven years ago, but we have already launched four biosimilar medicines, and have a rapidly advancing pipeline to address the needs of the patients of the future.

We have achieved this by nurturing a dynamic and diverse workforce who have been carefully chosen for their talent, passion for health, and vision for changing the way we develop medicines. Working together, we have created a unique development platform and a bespoke system to strictly control quality during each stage of production.

We have come a long way, but our work is far from done. As long as patients face barriers to accessing the medicines they need, we will put our passion for health to work and strive for constant innovation. This is why we are expanding our efforts into new fields, including ophthalmology, hematology, and gastroenterology. It is also why we are harnessing our industry-leading development processes to create novel biologics in areas of great unmet medical need. We have our sights set on becoming a biopharmaceutical leader at the forefront of a helping people to live healthier lives.

At Samsung Bioepis we believe our fresh approach to harnessing science and technology is the key to unlocking the health care of the future.

With warm regards,

Christopher Hansung KO
President and Chief Executive Officer