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Samsung Invests in BrickBio to Develop Advanced Molecules and Therapies Using Protein Engineering Technology for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)
• Samsung Ventures makes investment in preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company BrickBio
• Proceeds will be used to support further development and advancement of BrickBio’s protein engineering technology and preclinical assets

Incheon, Korea and Waltham, Mass., - March 18, 2024 - Samsung Life Science Fund, created jointly between Samsung Biologics (KRX: 207940.KS), Samsung Bioepis, and Samsung C&T (KRX: 028260.KS), and managed by Samsung Ventures, and BrickBio, Inc. announced Samsung’s investment in BrickBio, a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing precision biologics using an expanded genetic code.

The latest investment reflects Samsung’s commitment to discover and explore new opportunities in biopharmaceuticals to address unmet therapeutic needs. Samsung affiliates will work with BrickBio to evaluate, manufacture, and develop advanced molecules and therapies using BrickBio’s proprietary protein engineering technology for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), AAV gene therapy, and other modalities. BrickBio’s technology uses an expanded genetic code to incorporate synthetic amino acids into proteins, all completed within a living cell. These synthetic amino acids enable the creation of precision biologics, an exciting new class of therapeutics with broad application and potential.

“We’re pleased to receive this support from Samsung, as well as the recognition of the potential for our advanced protein engineering technology to provide novel solutions for challenging medical conditions,” said John Boyce, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of BrickBio and Tiger Gene. “We look forward to using these proceeds to further our efforts in advancing our ADC candidates toward the clinic.”

“BrickBio’s robust expanded genetic code in mammalian cells offer the potential to create molecules and therapies to address unmet needs,” said Ho Sung Cho, the Executive Vice President and Head of Early Research and Development of Samsung Bioepis.

BrickBio's innovation engine continues to expand the preclinical pipeline by discovering new and valuable programs that take full advantage of its technologies. These novel programs have the potential to address a wide range of diseases with new or improved mechanisms of action, providing the company with a rich set of programs to develop internally and/or in partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies.

About BrickBio, Inc.
BrickBio Inc., a Boston-based biotechnology company, empowers next-generation unnatural amino acid coupled protein conjugation with its site-specific and site-selective platform. The platform technology spans prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, enabling the development of unique biologics and protein therapeutics with enhanced characteristics, including improvements to half-life, dosage and efficacy. With the broadest toolkit of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio can optimize any conjugate and is uniquely situated to push the frontier of biologics with the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a single protein. BrickBio is expanding its therapeutic programs, including ADCs, bispecific conjugates and novel scaffolds. For more information, please visit

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John Boyce
Chief Executive Officer

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