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Samsung Bioepis


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Samsung, writing a
new history in the field
of pharmaceuticals

Samsung Bioepis is actively devoted in creating
affordable and high-quality biopharmaceutical and
biosimilar products. We strive to become the next
global leader in advancing healthcare and well-being
of the people.

Driven with passion, excellence and integrity,
Samsung Bioepis is determined to overcome the
challenges of various illnesses through extensive
research and groundbreaking technology.

Committed to serving those in need; the business
practices of Samsung Bioepis is both ethical and
transparent. Top priority in quality control is
enforced in order to ensure the safety of the public.

In an effort to improve
global healthcare,
Samsung Bioepis is
dedicated in developing
and commercializing
high-quality products.


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Seeking individuals
who imagined working for
a world-class company

Samsung Bioepis is constantly working to provide opportunities
for those who are seeking hands-on experience, willing to
take on new challenges and would like to raise one's potential
to another level.

Samsung Bioepis embraces those who are willing to dedicate
themselves not just for the development of the company, but
to bring about new possibilities through creativity and

Be a part of creating a better world with Samsung Bioepis.

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    Quite simply, a company is it's people. At Samsung, we're dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reachtheir full potential.

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Corporate Headquarter

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Corporate Headquarters Contact info
ADDRESS 107,Cheomdan-daero,Yeonsu-gu,Incheon,
21987 Republic of Korea
TEL +82 - 32 - 455 - 6114
E-mail bioepisinfo@samsung.com